PLEASE NOTE:   WE HAND-MAKE ALL OF OUR ITEMS and they are MADE TO ORDER unless they are a READY TO SHIP ITEM. Orders will be processed and made in the order that they are received.
Current estimated shipping time can be up to 2 weeks.

A few Valentine items have been added to the Ready to ship category.


In this section you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions.


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PRODUCT REVIEWS    Our website has a new feature that is Product reviews. If you have purchased in the past or recently you can leave a product review at each product by clicking on the product and then after the product description and add to cart button you will see where to click to leave review. YOUR EMAIL WILL NOT SHOW UP IN REVIEW AFTER IT IS POSTED AND YOU MAY ONLY POST FIRST NAME IF THAT IS YOUR PREFERENCE.  CLICK HERE to see a sample of what a product review will look like.

Why is there a wait time on shipping?
We are a small home based business. Each item is made after you have submitted your order unless the item says READY TO SHIP and is something that I have made ahead. I give my customers many choices for the products that they order. Example: wood color, berry color, light options, homespun etc. Therefore it make take longer to receive. When your order is placed I may have anywhere from 15-25 orders (peak season volume is much higher Sept-March) and some of them with several items per order. I always try my best to have your order done and ready to ship within 2 weeks. Sometimes in the peak season and due to a high volume of orders it may go over that time frame. I make all of the items myself and my husband helps with wood cutting when I fall behind in the peak season.  2017 will be our 25th year as a full time business.

What does Black underneath the topcoat mean?
The black underneath means if you would be ordering something in ivory, mustard, burgundy etc you have the option to have it painted with black underneath the topcoat color. Then it would be sanded and distressed after both color coats have-been applied. The black underneath gives items a more rustic look after it has been distressed with some of the black showing through for more of a primitive look. If you are wanting the item to be just black you DO NOT select black underneath the topcoat. Most of my customers prefer the look of the two tone painting.

How do the grungy battery taper candles work?
Battery taper candles all take 2 AA batteries. You will insert them in the bottom and when you tighten the bottom of the candlestick it will turn on. Some customers prefer these and like to be able to turn them on and let them on all the time.

How do the grungy battery TIMER taper candles work?
Battery taper candles all take 2 AA batteries. You will insert them in the bottom and when you tighten the bottom of the candlestick it will turn on.  The first time that you tighten it the candle will stay on for 6 hours and then  shut off. Then the next day it will come back on at this time with out you having to turn it on manually.

How do the pillar TIMER candles work?
Most of these pillar candles take 2 C batteries. Once you turn them on for 4 or 6 hours they will stay on that time frame and then go off. The next day they will come on again at the first time you set them and will repeat daily. These are a wonderful item that you never have to manually lift them up and turn on and off.

Can I get something in another color choice other than is listed for that product?
Many times you can because most things are made to order. Just email about the product and I will be able to let you know if there can be a color changed before you place the order.

What type of wood is used in your products?
We use solid wood pine for our products. Sometimes for small things such as stars, snowman noses etc it may be a thinner plywood product.

Why can't we order from all of the Seasonal categories all the time?
The reason I only offer 1-2 Seasonal categories at a time is due to high volume of orders. I try to stay within the season and be able to have more time to make some of my homespun seasonal items that may be Ready to ship items for my customers.

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